The Husband of A Woman I Met At The Airport Finally Granted A Visa to Visit His Family in the UK After 3 Visitor’s Visa Refusals

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Early 2020, a young Ghanaian woman approached me at Heathrow Airport—we were both heading to Accra, Ghana on the same flight.

She said she had been following me on social media for many years. We had over an hour to wait before boarding—so I invited her to the Club Aspire Lounge that my bank card gives me access. I bought a 2nd access for her to be able to take her in.

I knew I could use her conversation compared to working or reading a book. I had 6 hours of flight time ahead of me which I could use for any of the two.

We sat down at the Lounge and took some drinks. The conversation led us to a legal problem she had. She lives in the UK with her daughter while her husband lives in Ghana. She has to be visiting Ghana regularly to see her husband because twice that the husband had made applications to come and visit her in the UK, the Home Office had refused him the visa.

I asked about what her husband did—to establish his ties to Ghana. This man owns a business, he is an author and also a tutor at one of the prestigious Secondary Schools in Ghana. Yet, the Home Office kept saying he wouldn’t return to Ghana if granted a visa to visit his wife.

The woman wanted me to take on their next application. I accepted and said whenever she is ready, she should instruct me and I will represent them in their next application.

The woman contacted me a few months later to instruct me. Since the husband had been refused twice already, I spent more than necessary hours on his application—making sure that I had put together a solid application and representation for him.

The Home Office refused this application too.

It was obvious from the refusal that the Entry Clearance Officer failed to properly assess the documents and perhaps even read the legal representation that came with it. The refusal was blatantly unreasonable as material evidence/documents were ignored in the assessment.

I spoke to this woman and her husband about their options. When the Home Office has refused you three times and the recent refusal is plainly unreasonable, a fresh application isn’t the way forward—so I recommended a Judicial Review to them.

I sent out a lengthy and well-written Letter Before Claim to the Home Office arguing out while the refusal is unreasonable and the Home Office agreed to reconsider the application in light of the representation.

In March 2021, the Home Office responded with another refusal and this time, the reasons were exceptionally bizarre.

I proceeded to lodge an Application for Permission for Judicial Review—and the Home Office’s lawyers through a Consent Order agreed that the decision under-challenged will be reconsidered and as such we should withdraw the case.

Yesterday, after 3 months of waiting for the reconsideration, the Home Office has overturned the refusal and granted the visa—so that the husband can also start visiting the wife in the UK as they always wanted.

It’s been many months of fighting for them but I knew from the onset that they had a good case and the Home Office had taken an unlawful position.

I always tell my clients this: I am the Lawyer who does not give up on my clients—as long as you have a good case, I will fight to the end with you for the outcome you deserve.

It’s never about the money for me but about the outcome. If I believe you do not have a good case, I will not take your matter on—it doesn’t matter how much money you are willing to pay.

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